Florand Rooms&Wine

Address: 9400 Sopron,
Szent Mihály út. 1.


The Szent Mihály street in Sopron is a street with a sawtooth development method and one-story houses, rising and narrowing towards the Szent Mihály church. Already mentioned in the 15th century, it got its name from the parish church at the northeast end of the street. The building has been recorded in archival records since the 1420s. Some elements of the cellar from this period can be seen to this day. Since 1459 it had been an ecclesiastical property belonging to the Church of St. Michael, operating as a poorhouse until 1778. Since 1784 the building had been secular property. The perimeter walls of the house were built much before the 18th century, their masonry refers to the Middle Ages. The current ground plan of the building has been known since 1878. The openings' structure of the present-day facade has been designed probably at the end of the 18th century, when it became a “civil” house. Some elements of the slab presumably date from 1900-1910. In the recent renovation that affected the whole building the preservation of its original condition and the reconstruction of some of its elements played an important role.

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